Chlorine analytics

Chlorine analytics in liquid chlorine

  • Determinations based on DIN EN 937 (2016) and BS 3947 (1976)
  • Determination of chlorine content in liquid chlorine
  • Determination of evaporation residue and water content
  • Determination of contents of bromine, nitrogen trichloride, iron und mercury

Hazardous substance analysis

  • Measurements of hazardous substances and controlling of industrial safety
  • Sample pick up and sample handling according to BIA-, NIOSH- and VDI-protocols
  • Evaluation of hazardous substances according to TRGS



  • Analysis of configuration and conformation based on NMR, UV-VIS and FTIR techniques
  • Performance of stability and stress-tests

Solar industry

  • Investigation of SiC, SiC-Slurries and Si
  • Element analysis of C, S, O, N, and H in solar products
  • ICP-OES, GC, pH-determination, gravimetric analysis

Food analysis


  • Microwave system for innovative sample preparation, ICP-MS, ICP-OES and AAS
  • Determination of toxic, nutritional and essential elements