Environmental analytics

Professional Expertise:

Sampling, analysis, and evaluation of environmental samples

Analyzable products:

  • Soils, sludge, compost
  • Waste-/recycling products, construction waste, fuels
  • Water analysis: industrial and public sewage, sewage plant, groundwater, well water, cooling water, surface water

Available methods:

  • Spectroscopy: AAS, ICP-OES, RFA, IR, UV/VIS
  • Chromatography: HPLC, GC (ECD, FID, WLD detection), GC-MS, IC
  • Sum parameters: AOX / EOX / POX , TOC / DOC, CSB, BSB
  • Photometry, volumetric / colometry, element analysis
  • Water toxicology / microbiological investigation (e.g. heavy metals, bacteria)